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Wireless Infrastructure Group is an independent infrastructure company. We build and operate communication towers and other wireless infrastructure to enable the connection between networks and the communities that rely on their services.

WIG was launched as an independent infrastructure company in 2006.  The telecoms sector is dominated by a handful of very large companies and WIG has brought competition, innovation and greater efficiency to the market. The business has grown steadily on the back of significant investment and an entrepreneurial approach to developing shared wireless infrastructure.

AlvahSince 2006 we have built new infrastructure across the UK and also acquired under-managed infrastructure from a wide range of sources including utilities, mobile operators and police forces.  We now have more than 2,000 shared communication infrastructure assets in our portfolio and have recently started operations in Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands.

Under our ownership, infrastructure receives more investment, is better managed and becomes easier for the entire telecoms sector to access.  Our investment in better quality infrastructure means our communication towers are far taller than those deployed by network operators.  Our focus on shared wireless infrastructure means our towers have industry leading levels of access.  Multiple signals transmitting from taller towers means better coverage across the UK.

We have a team of industry professionals who are dedicated both to supporting new customers deploying equipment on our infrastructure for the first time and to assisting existing customers to upgrade their networks.

MalwoodMobile coverage in buildings and at busy public venues is a growing problem across the UK.  To tackle this challenge WIG launched its small-cells solution, which involves shared infrastructure on a fibre backbone – it delivers signal exactly where it’s needed.  WIG now leads the UK for the deployment of such systems connecting venues with over 300 million visitors in 2015 alone.

As we demand more and more from our mobiles a whole new layer of infrastructure needs to be built in our cities.  Independent infrastructure has a key role to play in delivering better connected smart cities.  Like all of WIG’s solutions, our infrastructure is built for all networks to share and our disruptive business model will bring much-needed competition, helping to lower deployment costs. In 2014, the city of Aberdeen made WIG its partner to deploy wireless infrastructure across its lamp-posts. More cities are set to follow.

Across the world independent infrastructure companies are solving the hardest coverage problems, from rural Africa to the subway in New York. However, the UK lags the rest of the world in the move to independent infrastructure with over two-thirds of global communication towers now independently owned and operated – around double the level in the UK.

WIG has ambitious plans to invest in more infrastructure and in 2012 attracted major investment from two of the world’s largest global investor groups, providing us with long-term and low-cost capital to invest in enabling connectivity in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. Unlike many companies backed by infrastructure investors, we are actively developing new as well as enhancing existing infrastructure.

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