Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

We are mindful of our impact on local communities and the environment and dedicated to our responsibilities as an employer, and member of local communities.  Our business is committed to achieving a balance between the social and economic benefits of our growth and any potential negative impacts. Our CSR policy sets out a clear commitment to protect our environment and to position ourselves as a key contributor to economic and social development of the local community areas in which we operate.

As a business we have the following strategic objectives:


Committed to the Environment

We aim to minimise any negative impact from our operations on the environment, strive to prevent pollution and to implement policies which minimise waste and maximise efficiency.  We aim to maintain and where possible improve our environmental performance through the support and involvement of all our people our business partners and wider supply chain.

We have identified the following as the key negative impacts which our business could have on the environment:


Committed to our People

Our aim is to maintain our commitment as an employer of choice where our people want to work in a highly motivated environment supporting the business now and in the future. Our priority is to ensure we are providing a safe, healthy and diverse workplace which provides an attractive level of staff benefits and supports our people in helping them achieve their full potential.

Examples of our commitment to the people who work with us include:


Committed to our Community

We strive to maintain our position as a business leader within our industry, contributing to the growth of the economy and providing employment. Our continued objective is to enrich and support local communities by engaging with key stakeholders to support and highlight the case for provision of high quality mobile voice and broadband coverage across all local communities. WIG will also work with local communities to support community wireless projects on a discounted or free access basis.


Supply Chain Considerations

We aim to look beyond our own operations and to consider the impact that our suppliers may have on their own local environments, employees and communities. We aim to select partners who share our commitment to acting responsibly towards their environment, employees and local communities.

In particular we are committed to maintaining compliance with The Modern Slavery Act and selecting suppliers that share this commitment in order to eliminate any risks within our supply chain.


Committed to an Anti-Bribery Policy

We are committed to carrying out our business in accordance with the highest standards of business integrity, and have a comprehensive anti-bribery policy in place, which applies throughout the organisation.



The Management Team will have overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy and achievement of its objectives.  Our Corporate Social Responsibility practices and this statement will be reviewed annually.

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