Outdoor Networks


Increasing demand for reliable mobile service on the high street and other high footfall, outdoor areas is placing a significant burden on mobile networks. The industry has been challenged to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions which deal with capacity problems and the increasing expectation for high-speed access to data-hungry services.

Responding to this challenge requires the introduction of discreet, small cell infrastructure solutions which can be deployed at street level in the highest mobile usage areas.

WIG’s low powered, small cell solutions are designed to complement existing mobile networks and boost capacity handling capability on a cost effective basis

Based on a high bandwidth fibre backbone, our solutions are fully shareable and use existing street furniture to promote rapid deployment with minimal disruption. They are fully managed and support high performing 4G services for all mobile operators providing a significantly enhanced end user experience.

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Outdoor Network – Technical Overview



Comprises shared antenna and accommodation delivering coverage and capacity densification in high footfall areas.
Housing network control equipment, MNO equipment and backhaul aggregation.
Wideband fibre optic connectivity supporting superior voice and high speed data services between the MER and Node Locations.
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