WIG connects the UK’s newest world-class exhibition, conference & hotel complex in record time

‘… ensuring visitors have the highest quality connectivity was extremely important to us. WIG’s pioneering and professional approach made them ideal partners for this project’ ‘We have a long-standing and effective partnership with WIG that enabled this project to be delivered efficiently and on-time’

Scott Ramsay, Senior Project Officer, Aberdeen City Council

The Event Complex Aberdeen (TECA) is a multi-event venue extending over 150 acres. TECA has been developed by Aberdeen City Council (Aberdeen) as a key pillar of the city’s plans to grow its economy.

TECA  – renamed as P&J Live – has redefined the Scottish events and entertainment landscape and with over 48,000 sqm of flexible event space it is ideally positioned to host a large range of national and international exhibitions, entertainment and sport events as well as broadening the appeal of North East Scotland to a global audience.

WIG has worked in partnership with Aberdeen for five years and was appointed to solve the mobile service challenges in TECA following a successful project to launch the UK’s first C-RAN in a pioneering small cell initiative supported by O2.  As TECA’s construction was nearing completion WIG took on the challenge of enabling mobile connectivity across the venue to create an essential service for visitors.  TECA had just been announced as the host venue for the BBC’s 2019 Sports Personality of the Year Awards and the project would need to be completed in under two months to meet this deadline.

The multi-use status of TECA created several design challenges including the need to dynamically transfer mobile capacity around the venue during its conversion between different events. Using innovative design technology, our experienced technical team created a neutral-host solution dimensioned to deliver mobile service throughout the venue when operating at full visitor capacity.

Our team of engineers worked round the clock to get WIG’s high-quality, sustainable infrastructure designed and deployed in record time This involved working closely with Aberdeen, and the principal contractors to ensure the efficient deployment of a solution that could meet the evolving needs of TECA into the future.